Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome to Polarsys blog

About Polarsys

The creation of Polarsys has been announced during Eclipse Con Europe.
Polarsys is an Eclipse IWG (industry working group) focusing on creating and supporting tool chains for system architecture and development of embedded systems. As described in our charter, we address several requirements specific to the development of safety-critical and embedded system for demanding engineering domains such as aerospace, defense and security, transportation, energy, health care or telecommunications.
We invest in Open Source tool chains and processes because we believe that it enables open innovation in Model Based System Engineering, and also because it enables Very Long Term Support for tools that need to be supported throughout the 30 to 70 years long life cycle of such embedded systems.

An open super community

We are defining the next step of Open Source Communities, sometimes called Super-Communities.
We think it helps Open Source enter the enterprise and more specifically the industrial ones.
Our community is strong in the aerospace and telecommunications industries, but we expect to develop it in energy, automotive, health care, ...
Things are still under definition, so this is the right time to step in the community and to participate to its construction.

Stay tuned!

We will use this blog to spread the word about Polarsys. We will give you both short news and in-depth articles about the Polarsys ecosystem.
We also provide several means to keep you posted about our activities:

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