Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Amazing week for PolarSys in Sweden

The first week of December was amazing for PolarSys with two events in Sweden:
  • First, we organized a successful PolarSys day in Sweden
  • Second, we participated to the Artemis ITEA Co-Summit, and received an award from the ITEA Vice chairman
On December 3rd, we had a PolarSys day hosted by Ericsson and co-organized by Combitech.
Dominique Toupin introduces his talk about Ericsson's vision
This PolarSys day was split in two parts. In the morning, I gave a short introduction to PolarSys before Ericsson and Airbus presented the rational behind their strategic comittement to PolarSys.
The afternoon was dedicated to projects with presentations of Papyrus, EMF Compare and Git support, Arcon, Chess and Sirius. We demonstrated that PolarSys already provides all the necessary tools to work with models for System Engineering.
All presentations are available on the PolarSys web site.
The feedback for this day was very positive, and I came back with follow-up actions to help PolarSys adoption grow in Sweden.

The two following days, we had a booth at the Artemis ITEA co-Summit near Stockholm under the umbrella of the ITEA OPEES project.

OPEES project team wins an ITEA award

We won an ITEA award for the OPEES project. It was a wonderful surprise and was presented by Philippe Letelier, Vice Chairman of ITEA, who introduced us as "the project that not only created its own community, but also set up a community for all the ITEA and Artemis projects". That is true. PolarSys is certainly the best place for Artemis or ITEA projects to disseminate their Open Source results.
Jonas Gamalielsson about Open Source community analysis

We had this in mind when we put together the speaker's corner program on the topic of "Open Source as a dissemination channel for innovative research projects". We not only had presentations from PolarSys members, like this analysis of Open Source communities by Jonas Gamalielsson and Björn Lundell, but also presentations from Open ETCS and Amalthea projects.
It was the first time ITEA had this type of speaker's corners, and I can say that it was a success. We also got in touch with new people and established better connections between the speakers after the session.
Harald Mackamul from Bosch on the Amalthea booth

Congrats to the Amalthea project team who won the exhibition award for their booth and especially the Eclipse members of the team, Bosch and Itemis, who were present on the booth with nice Eclipse based demonstrations. 

I have no doubt that Eclipse and PolarSys will take a more important role in several ITEA and Artemis projects in the future. Many of these projects create such amazing and innovative Open Source technologies including development tools and middlewares for Embedded Systems, as well as IoT technologies that fit very well with the Eclipse M2M Working Group.

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